Spicy Guacamole

The is the real enchilada. Not only is it a traditional Mexican recipe (with a lovely delicate kick of jalapeño), it is 96% avocado, which means it’s about as fresh a guacamole as you can get unless you grew a zapata mustache and made it on the spot. It is packed with a revolutionary naturally preserved process called HPP*. And it’s Gluten free! Now you can have the REAL taste of Mexico with FRESH ingredients without the fuss!


  • Perfect in a chicken wrap
  • Serve with nachos and a squeeze of fresh lime
  • Add to a burger for a tasty, healthy alternative

*HPP (High Pressure Processing) is a cold pasteurisation method using high water pressure to maintain natural product quality, texture, nutrients, flavour and fresh taste.

Hass avocado (96%), jalapeño purée, vinegar, salt, onion, garlic.

  • No artificial colours or flavours added
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Preservative Free

Pack size: 170g Serving per package: 10 Serving size: 17g

Ave. Quantity Per Serving Ave. Quantity Per 100mL
Energy 114kJ (27Cal) 669kJ (160Cal)
Protein 0.3g 2.0g
Fat - Total 2.4g 14.0g
   saturated 0.3g 2.0g
   trans fat 0.0g 0.0g
Carbohydrates 1.5g 9.0g
   sugars 0.2g 1.0g
Fibre 1.2g 7.0g
Sodium 61mg 360mg