Beetroot Almond

beetroot-almondThe food world is full of unlikely love stories. These two met each other across a crowded pantry and it was lunch at first sight. Everyone told them it wouldn’t work, but they were nuts for each other and determined to prove them wrong. Their marriage was a bold yet tasteful affair – bright colour and surprising texture, and they now share a happy home together. They might say ‘love is blind’, but it’s definitely not bland!


  • Rise and shine! Say hello to creamy yogurt or spread on toast with cream cheese for breakfast.
  • Meat and greet – serve it with red meat for dinner, hamburgers, steaks, cold cuts sandwiches etc.
  • Splash colour into potato salad for extra flavour and extra marks for originality.
  • Try it out with smoked or well-grilled salmon for a delicious balance of flavours any time of year.

Beetroot (85%), almond meal (9%), sunflower oil [antioxidant (tocopherol concentrate)], mustard, acidity regulator (citric acid)

Contains almonds
Does not contain dairy, garlic or chilli

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Preservative Free

Pack size: 200g Serving per Package: 10 Serving size: 20g

Ave. QUANTITY PER serving Ave. Quantity Per 100g
Energy 122kJ (29Cal) 609kJ (145Cal)
Protien 0.6g 2.8g
Fat - Total 1.5g 7.9g
   saturated 0.2g 0.8g
   trans fat <0.1g <0.1g
Carbohydrates 2.2g 11.2g
   sugars 2.0g 9.9g
Fibre 0.6g 2.9g
Sodium 45mg 223mg