About Us

A passion for perfection is what Dari & Yehiel Kaplan are known for. Yehiel is a passionate chef who desires to cook nothing but the best. Dari is a graphic designer with an eye for fine details.

With a combined experience of over 50 years, the couple has produced exactly what was missing on the shelf; a top quality healthy product with a look that reflects the simplicity of their creation.

With extensive experience in catering and restaurant, Pilpel Fine Foods was established in December 2004. Since then Pilpel Fine Foods has been recognised by Food Critics as Good Living of the Sydney Morning Herald, the Regional Food Australia Magazine and the Canberra Times.

Modest chef reveals secret of great tasting healthy dips.

“Nothing to It” he says…

In a 25 year obsessions with cooking, chef Kaplan has learnt many things but none more important than the first rule for creating recipes: add nothing that’s not essential to the flavour.